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Take your camp cooking skills to the next level. 


Classes at your place or mine.

Melangata Station Stay.

T. 08 99637777


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FB Jo Clews Camp oven Cooking

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Jo Clews


I have been cooking for as long as I can remember and it gives me great pleasure to be able to teach others skills I have accumulated over my life time.

I also love the challenge of catering for a group of people in remote and isolated locations and presenting them with excelent quality camp meals in the bush.

Outstanding food in the Outback


You too can have the skills you need to create awesome meals with basic equipment when you are in the great out doors.

Whether you are in a remote far flung corner of our great country or at the local caravan park or even your own back yard.

Its never too late to learn a new skill and what better skill to have than being able to make mouth watering meals for yourself and your family and friends.

So welcome all to a new journey

Come and learn how to get the best out of your camp oven at my place, now at Melangata Station Stay or

Gather a group of friends and have me come to your place.


I teach Camp Oven cooking and am available to do demonstrations and classes at VIP Trade nights, Agricultural Shows, Four Wheel Drive shows, Caravan and Camping shows, Agricultural Field Days or just to add a point of difference to your business





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