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Bush vanilla slice.


It didn’t matter if it was my girls when they were little or gnarly hardened shearers on the shearing teams, big or little, old or young these dead easy slices were always a hit.



1 packet of SAO biscuits

3 heaped desert spoons of Custard powder

3 heaped desert spoons of Sugar

400-500ml milk

4 heaped desert spoons of icing sugar

3 drops of red food colouring

2 desert spoons of water

1 tray or container to fit 6 SAO biscuits

1 saucepan

Wooden spoon




Place a layer of Sao biscuits in the bottom of your container.

Measure sugar and custard powder into the saucepan and combine with a little cold milk to form a lump less paste.

Transfer to a heat source and stir while adding most of the milk, don’t add the whole lot until you see how thick the custard turns out.

When custard is thick and does not fall off the spoon, pour over the SAO biscuits in the container and spread evenly.

While custard is still warm place another layer of SAO biscuits over the custard and press down firmly.

Pace container in the Engel and refrigerate till cool.

In a small bowl measure in the icing sugar and drop in the food colouring, spoon in the water and stir all together to form a paste.

Smooth icing over the top of the slices and return to the Engel to become completely cold before serving.

Have for morning tea along the track somewhere.



Substitute 3 heaped desert spoons of milk powder and 400-500ml of water instead of real milk.


Make slices at breakfast time so they will be good and cold for morning tea.


I choose to use Foster Clarks custard powder but any brand will do.


Pre made cartons of custard will not work as they are too runny.


For the latest video tutorial head to this one is in issue 7.


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