Up coming events at Melangata

Melangata Station Outback Blitz

    Come join us from the 26th of April- 30th of April or longer if you feel like it to lend us a hand getting some stuff done around the place. We are only two and the jobs are many.


    There will be painting, sweeping, sorting of 100 years of junk, gardening and i am sure plenty of other jobs will be found too.


    As way of thanks for your efforts we will provide you with free camping and use of the facilities for the duration of your stay, home cooked morning tea for the four days, a movie and pizza night on Saturday night and a station tour on the sunday morning. There will also be the chance to do a couple of sundowners at various locations.


    All we ask is you bring a willing pair of hands no matter how skilled, everyone knows how to opperate a broom.


Contact us at the station, 99637777, to let us know what you can offer and we would be glad to hear from you




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