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    There are three things i never leave home with out in my cooking equipment and they are a sharp knife, a large roll of foil and matches or a lighter i figure you can cook almost everything in foil, sharp knives because its just plain frustrating trying to cut things up with a blunt one and matches to light the fire to cook on.

I use a BBQ temperature gauge so i dont have to guess how hot the inside of my camp oven is, shock horror I hear you say how un bushman of me but it takes all the guess work out and makes the cooking process much less stressful.

You don’t have to guess in your home oven or even hooded barbeque so why leave it in the lap of the temperature gods when using a camp oven. So for the sake of a few dollars they are a good investment.

Welders gloves to keep the heat from your hands, long handled tongs to rearrange hot coals, camp oven lid lifters or hooks and a few different height trivetts for inside the camp oven and outside for the camp oven to sit on over coals.

     Once the basics are accounted for then its up to you as to whatever else you would like to include, things like small pizza trays, enamel bakeware, cake tins, pie plates even the enamel mugs make great baking dishes for individual puddings, muffins, bread and damper loaves. Go crazy and find what works for you.

For more information get your copy of my book. Jo Clews' Australian Camp Oven Cooking from my store.

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