I was born in the South West of Western Australia in the Margaret River Wine Region.

I have been cooking since a very young age and I am lucky enough to have a very talented family who taught me the basics and encouraged me to experiment which i am still doing today.

    My partner and I have three daughters, who are all fabulous cooks as well, and three grandchildren. The oldest has a step stool that he pulls along side me when i am cooking so he can have a go too.

As far as i am concerned kids are never too young to start learning the basics of preparing food

I now live in the MIdwest Region of Western Australia amongst the cereal crops, canola fields, crayfishing and the coral coast.

I have travelled extensively throughout Western Australia and love finding new places to go and new people to meet.

I have been writing for Western Four Wheel Driver Magazine since 2000 and cater for Campfire Escapes tour company I now work for Engel Australia as a camp oven cooking demonstrator at the Four Wheel Drive and Adventure Shows around Australia.

I am also a camp hostess and cook for The Global Gypsies tour company which sees me catering for up to 20 people at a time out of the back of a trailer in some very remote locations.

I also write recipes and film video tutorials for Pat Callinans E Magazine Unsealed 4x4.

    I love what I do and get great joy teaching others how to improve not only their camp oven cooking skills but cooking skills in general.

I would love for you to follow my journey and hopefully i will be lucky enough to meet you in person when our paths may cross some day.



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