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    I was born in the South West of Western Australia in the Margaret River Wine Region.

I have been cooking since a very young age and I am lucky enough to have a very talented family who taught me the basics and encouraged me to experiment which i am still doing today.

    My partner and I have three daughters, who are all fabulous cooks as well, and five grandchildren. They all have a step stool to pull along side me when i am cooking so they can have a go too.

As far as i am concerned kids are never too young to start learning the basics of preparing food

I now live on my Station, Melangata, in the Yalgoo Shire of the the MIdwest Region of Western Australia where our closest centre is Geraldton. 

I have travelled extensively throughout Western Australia and love finding new places to go and new people to meet.

I have been writing for Western Four Wheel Driver Magazine since 2000.

 I travel Western Australia as a camp oven cooking demonstrator at the Four Wheel Drive and Adventure Show. the Caravan and Camping Shows and any other indipendent shows that would like to include something different in their program of events.

I am also a camp hostess and cook for The Global Gypsies tour company which sees me catering for up to 20 people at a time out of the back of a trailer in some very remote locations.

    I love what I do and get great joy teaching others how to improve not only their camp oven cooking skills but cooking skills in general.

I would love for you to follow my journey and hopefully i will be lucky enough to meet you in person when our paths may cross some day.



A bIT About Me



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